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LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn Profile


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LinkedIn Profile

Often, recruiters and HR managers will review a candidate’s LinkedIn Profile before deciding whether or not to shortlist the candidate for in-person interviews. Candidates with a professionally prepared LinkedIn Profile have a much higher chance to land a job as it gives HR managers a better impression of your dedication and commitment, draw attention to your application and motivate the reader to shortlist you for interviews.

Take your LinkedIn profile to the next level and transform it into a POWERFUL career tool that drives passive job opportunities.

When you work with us to write your LinkedIn profile, we do not simply fill out the fields, copying and pasting your CV. Our mission is to strategically align your LinkedIn profile to your goals and target audience so you can reach your true potential.

The LinkedIn Profile Process

Step 1: Determining your career goals and objectives

Step 2: Information Resourcing

With your goal and your target audience in mind, we then gather your background information. These will include:

  • Career Trajectory
  • Experience & Core Competencies
  • Key Career Achievements & Contributions
  • Unique Proposition

Step 3: Profile Development

Utilising a conversational, narrative approach, your LinkedIn profile will inspire confidence & credibility while showcasing you as a high-level professional. Our team will prepare a professional, search engine optimised, LinkedIn Profile for you consisting of the following sections:

LinkedIn Headline

A powerful headline that conveys to HR managers & recruiters what you do & who you are at a single glance, grabbing their attention.

LinkedIn Summary

A high level summary that covers your career history, achievements & contributions, areas of expertise and educational qualifications among other pertinent information.

Latest/ Current Role

An overview of your current/ latest job scope as well as notable contributions in this position.

Step 4 Transfer the Information to Your Profile

Your LinkedIn Profile will be sent to you in a word document. Simply copy and paste the content into your LinkedIn Profile and you are all set to be headhunted!

*Due to LinkedIn T&Cs disallowing third-party access to personal profiles, we are unable to access your profile on your behalf.

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