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Resume Templates for Singapore Job Market

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Resume Templates for Singapore Job Market

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Here are some of the most commonly asked questions on Resume Templates for the Singapore Job Market.

FAQ on Resume Templates for Singapore

How long should my Resume be?

There is no perfect number of pages / ideal length that your resume should be. This is because the length will depend on your professional history, industry requirements as well as local hiring requirements. These factors will all affect the amount of content that your resume contains.

Should I include my Photograph in my Resume?

The traditional advice regarding placing photos on resumes has been “No”, except for actors and models. The rationale for excluding photos has been to protect employers from allegations of discrimination based on race, age, weight, gender, attractiveness or personal style.

I like colourful Resume Templates. Is this a good idea?

Generally, the answer is no. An exception is if you are working in creative industries or job functions. Otherwise, we recommend sticking to the traditional formats.

Should I include my internship experience?

You should not include your internship experience unless you are a fresh graduate. Otherwise, they are irrelevant to your current career objective.

What is ATS Compliant Resumes?

ATS refers to Applicant Tracking System. HR managers use this software to track job applicants. They also use it as a database to search their existing applicants for other suitable roles. A ATS compliant resume should be one written in Word that can be read by the ATS software.

Should I include my salary details?

This varies from individual. Hiring managers have a budget range that they have to work within for each position. Some candidates prefer to include their salary details to avoid wasting time on interviews that do not pay what they ask for. Others prefer to leave out salary information and decide after understanding more about the job scope in an interview.

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