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Mistakes to avoid for an interview in Singapore

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Mistakes to avoid for an interview in Singapore

Interview mistakes

Mistakes to avoid for an interview in Singapore

What are the mistakes to avoid for an interview in Singapore?

So you have been invited for an interview. The fact that you have been invited for the interview shows that you are qualified for the job.  Now, this is the most important step in securing your new job. It is time for you to impress the hiring team. A large part of a successful interview is avoiding potential mistakes that could cost the job.

An interview is also the most critical component of the recruiting process.  Until this point, you have been able to hide behind your resume, Linkedin and cover letter. What are the common mistakes that applicants make during the interview?

The top critical mistakes that people make when interviewing for a position are:

Arriving late to the interview

Arriving late makes a strong negative impression and will raise questions in the interviewer’s mind about your reliability and interest. Always ask for directions to the interview site and double-check a map to know where you are going.

Inappropriate dress attire and grooming

Companies are looking to hire professional individuals. Do not dress casually like you are heading to the market for groceries and certainly do not dress like you are going for a party. Wear what your professional function and industry would be expecting. Keep jewellery and fragrances to a professional level. And yes, please take a shower, brush your teeth, and comb your hair before an interview as well to present to a clean, polished image.

Not researching the company before the interview.

It is the 2020s. Research about the company before the interview. It shows you are interested in and sends a message to the interviewer that you are serious about the position. Researching will also help you decide the company’s industry, products/services, and culture are a match for you.

Bad-mouthing previous colleagues, managers or companies

Never bad-mouth your former companies, colleagues and managers in an interview. It projects a very negative image, raises questions about you, and makes you out as unhappy and a champion complainer. No matter how bad your former companies and environment, keep all negative commentary to yourself and your pet terrapin.

Not taking the opportunity to ask intelligent questions about the company and/or position.

The interviewing process is also for you to evaluate how well the company and the position match your ideal job.  Asking questions not only helps you determine how well-suited you are for the position. Once again, it shows you are interested and have done basic research about the organization.

Not explaining why you feel you are a good fit for the position (and the company)

Make it easy for the interviewer to hire you by connecting your experiences, talents, and strengths to the job description and the company.

Finally, smile and be professional at all times.


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