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Things to note for a Zoom interview

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Things to note for a Zoom interview

Zoom Interview

Things to note for a Zoom interview

What are the things to note for Zoom Interview? Zoom has become one of the leading video conferencing software apps. It enables you to interact professionally virtually, and it has been hugely successful for interviews as well.

In this article, we are going to discuss some important things to note for your Zoom interview.

What is a Zoom Interview?

Zoom has become one of the leading video conferencing software apps for video or voice-call meetings with one or more people. You can turn the video on or off, but if an employer is setting up a Zoom interview for a job, then they likely want to see you on video. You should prepare for your Zoom interview like any job interview, but you should also get familiar with the platform and technology so that you’re comfortable. And you should download the app ahead of time so that you’re ready.

What Do You Wear to a Zoom Interview?

Suit-Up! Your attire for your Zoom interview should be the same as an in-person interview. Men and woman should wear proper business wear depending on your industry and position. There is no excuse to be sloppy as it could cost you the job. It’s best to look professional, but without anything that will distract the interviewer. The focus should be on the conversation, and your outfit shouldn’t distract from that.

Now that you know what to wear let’s look at some tips for how to get ready for the interview.

How to Prepare for a Zoom Interview?

1.Be familiar with the technology and platform

Just like in an in-person interview, be prepared and download the app ahead of time. You can download them from the Zoom website here. Test your own hardware – your PC, your phone, your microphone, your webcam, etc. Make sure everything is working, including your internet.

2. Set up a distraction-free Environment

Make sure you prepare an environment where there are no people in the background, making noise or acting as a distraction.
You want the interviewer to be able to focus on the interview, and distractions in the room will affect your ability to concentrate on your interview.
Position yourself so that most of the light is coming from in front of you (behind your monitor), instead of behind you. If you have a window behind you, shut the blinds. Otherwise, you will be backlit.

And of course, And if you have kids or pets, make sure that they don’t interrupt the call.

3. Prepare answers to the most common questions and be prepared to ask questions.

As with a regular in-person interview, be prepared for common interview questions. You can also record yourself delivering your answers in the environment that you’ve set up. Look at the video recording, see how you look and sound, and then make adjustments before going live on Zoom with the employer.

Common questions you will face during an interview can be found here. 

Hiring managers want to hire people who ask good questions in the job interview. This shows them you are keen for the job.
Here are two resources to help you prepare questions to ask them:

Good questions you can ask during an interview can be found here.

Zoom Interview Etiquette

There are some general rules of courtesy for virtual interviews.
• Do not eat or snack during an interview. It is unappealing and unprofessional to do so in an in-person interview. It is the same for a virtual interview.
• Do not multi-task during the virtual interview.
• Refrain from private behaviour – i.e. scratching your armpits, picking your nose.

Bear this in mind and good luck for your zoom interview!

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