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Job Search Strategies in Singapore

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Job Search Strategies in Singapore

Job Search Strategies in Singapore

Job Search Strategies in Singapore

It can be challenging in a competitive job market, and without proper Job Search Strategies in Singapore, it is hard to stay on course for success. Have a clear strategy, and the hard work you put in now can pay off later.

How do you continue to be a focused job seeker when you feel like it is all going wrong? Create a job-hunting strategy! While finding a job, submitting your resume, and waiting to hear from the employer are all part of job searching, there are additional steps you can take to help you stand out.

  1. Know yourself and Know What You Want

Start by thinking about what exactly you’d like to be doing and where you want to do it. Finding your purpose helps you focus on goals and desires that lead to a personal vision.

Perhaps the most critical part of formulating a job search strategy is to figure out not just what kind of job you want, but what type—full-time, part-time, freelance, remote, a combination of on-site and small, etc.

Figuring all of these things out before you start your search will help guide your job search plan more effectively.

2. Prepare Your Resume

This is the next big step. Ensure that you have a resume that is ready for the jobs you are applying for. Visit our guide on how to write a resume here 

Remember that every resume is different. For more detailed and individualised professional assistance, get a complimentary free resume review from us here.

3. Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

Many recruiters are on LinkedIn, and it’s likely your profile will be viewed by a prospective employer. They are also many jobs available to apply via Linkedin.

The first step to optimizing your LinkedIn profile is to fill out as many sections as you can. Check our link for beginners guide to set up your Linkedin Profile.

Once you’ve completed your profile, you have to keep up with it. The best way to show up in recruiters’ feeds and stay top of mind is to share updates and articles and comment and interact on others’ posts. Share articles related to your industry and join groups to participate in discussions.

4. Use the Right Job Boards

There are many job boards in Singapore.  Using large job boards can provide a great way to find a wide swath of jobs and maybe even discover new companies hiring in your area. Yet others may be suited for your industry. You can get a list of useful job boards in Singapore here

5. Use your Network as one of the Job Search Strategies in Singapore

Put yourself out there. Reconnect with your ex-colleagues or friends with whom you are comfortable sharing that you are currently searching for jobs.

Remember to keep your approach positive. You do not have to ask them directly if their companies have vacancies for you. You can start by asking for a recommendation or testimonial about you. This could be a request for a LinkedIn testimonial. Think about how you can make the whole process convenient for them and what you can give in return. Start by reflecting on the positive aspects of the working relationship you have. You could also provide or offer to provide a recommendation on their Linkedin specifying their competencies, transferrable skills and your experience working together.

By networking, they know you are working towards a new appointment and can be your eyes and ears for jobs that may not be advertised yet.

Would you like to have more career advice for your job search in Singapore, you can also visit MyCareersFuture.

Would you like to know what the market rate for your salary in Singapore is? Visit the Manpower Ministry guide here.


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